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Court of protection

The Court of Protection looks after rights of people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions regarding their property, financial affairs or personal welfare.

A person who lacks capacity will suffer from an impairment of, or a disturbance in the functioning of their mind or brain which affects their ability to make decisions when required. An individual may need to use the Court because they have never had capacity, have fluctuating capacity or lose capacity as a result of an accident or illness.

If it is decided that you are unable to make your own rational decisions then the Court of Protection can step in and make decisions on your behalf. Kash Tutter can assist in: -

  • Arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney or Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Arranging the appointment of a deputy for persons who do not have the mental capacity to deal with their own affairs.
  • Acting for clients in Court of Protection health and welfare disputes.

Taking any issues before the Court of Protection is a big and expensive step. Don’t take it without first calling us on 01332 272727 or contacting us online.

We also prepare Powers of Attorneys for both commercial purposes as well as private matters for persons with mental capacity to another person (Attorney) to carry out any matters on their behalf.

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